Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A Most Humbling Experience

Today, I blew it, I tanked it and I outright sucked!!!

Let me explain. Today I was invited to perform magic at a showcase for librarians here in Connecticut. There were a dozen acts, most of whom were spectacular, polished and entertaining. I say most because all the other acts, besides mine, fit into that description. Then there was my 15 minutes.

Here I was, getting ready for my turn when all of a sudden I got a case of "THE NERVES".  I had rehearsed my lines, my tricks and my selling points for almost two weeks. Trouble was I did my rehearsals in the worst possible venue. I reheashed in my mind. I didn't write anything down, I didn't pick up my props, nothing but going over what I was going to say and do; all in my mind. I had performed these tricks hundreds of times. But I had performed these tricks almost 10 years ago. I thought being on stage would just take over, you know, muscle memory. Boy was I wrong.

It started out great for the first 30 seconds then that's were I got tongue-tied, dry-mouthed and a case of the sweats. And nothing went right. So I will say it again... Today, I blew it, I tanked it and I outright sucked!!!

I got some nice comments even though I think they (the librarians) were just being nice and maybe a little sympathetic. I even got encouraging words from a friend after that preformance. And he is a great friend for saying so. But he knew I blew it even though he said I did alright. (Thanks Jim).

So in closing let me just say this...

I will never be unprepared again. I will never take what I did in the past for granted again. My promise to all those who might hire me... I promise to give you 100% of me all the time. I will give your audience members a show they will thoroughly enjoy. I will give you a reason to hire me again and again. And if you hire me to entertain for you and I do not live up to these promises... rip up my paycheck!