Saturday, January 30, 2010

Why a Magic Show?

Being this is my first blog about my long career as a magician, I wanted to rewrite something I wrote in 1982 and used as a mailer to Connecticut Libraries. I have been very fortunate that these libraries had supported me for many years. Now that my desire to perform magic has returned, I hope I have the pleasure to entertain Connecticut's children again.

"1982: Why a magic show?"

"Magic in itself is educational, in that it stirs the mind to solve problemsbeing posed by the tricks. It stimultaes curiosity and quickens the mind. It's a form of entertainment in which it takes two minds to bring an effect to its conclusion- that of the performer and of its observer. Few intelligent people let a magic show just drift bfore their eyes. If the magician is any good at all he stirs the audience to take part in the show. "How did he do that?" is the common remark after the show."

"Magic exposes the child to a live visual performance, not a movie or television, but an art he can relate to. Steve Wronker's Funny Business has lots of audience participation, so children can come on stage and enjoy an experience new to them and of benefit to them. There is no room in the world today for the extreme shyness some kids have. Being on stage, doing something with the performer could be the first step to build self confidence for such a child."

"Further, a magic show introduces the child toa wonderful hobby that could stand in good stead all his life. Many young people have worked their way through college performing magic. many have found that magic is an ideal way of illustrating what they have to say in education, business and religion. Unlike other hobbies, as coin or stamp collecting or model building, magic makes it necessary to speak in fromt of a group, develope poise, self-esteem and above all, confidence in themselves. This, then, cannot help but make a better perosn of him."

This ends my first magic blog but there will be many more to come. I miss performing magic for family audiences and I miss the laughter and fun associated with my comedy shows. So I end by saying...

"With Steve Wronker's Funny Business comedy magic shows, it's fun you won't forget!"

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