Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Scripting a New Show

One of the fun aspects of entertaining with magic and comedy is developing a new show. And it's not easy. I just finished writing the script for the 2010 Library Summer Reading Program. The theme for most libraries this summer is "Make a Splash - Read!" I have titled my show "The Water Wonderland Magic Show" and the great majority of routines involve water and other liquids, the beach, the ocean, mermaids and pirates... ARGH!
As I said it's not easy putting a new show together. First thing I do is make a list of all the tricks that fit the theme. Not only those tricks that I already own but those that I could purchase for the show. Next I go over this enormous list and decide the 10 to 12 tricks I think would work best and give the show a good flow. I then write out he routine leaving out any comedy bits and jokes. Then I research all the jokes and gags that fit the theme. I also look for educational facts as well. Then I try and mesh all this together. (This is the really hard part). I know my show character and personality and I know which of  these jokes and facts would fit in each routine. After each routine is roughly finished I try and assemble the order in which they will play.

I rehearse often than find the 7 or 8 routines that will actually fit into a 45 minute time frame. This will be the first rough draft of the show. I keep the other routines around just in case I need to use them to replace another trick that doesn't play well. I keep rehearsing and then I will get all the neighborhood kids over for an impromptu show. We discuss what they liked or didn't like and that's what I take with me for the first few paid shows.

It's a long process that I actually squeeze into a 3 month period. The final result is the Water Wonderland Magic Show that will play in many of Connecticut's Public Libraries this summer. I hope you like the show!

See you soon...

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